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This spring, the Department of Health Sciences took 36 students to Italy and Greece for the study abroad program course HSC 270: Global Contexts. This course provided students with an opportunity to place content-specific or major-specific topics in a global context. The course took place over 4-6 weeks during spring semester, with the travel portion taking place over spring break. View a video about the trip here.

The program began in 2017, and has since quadrupled in size. “It was particularly designed in a short term format over spring break to allow students who could not otherwise take a full semester off due to program requirements such as completing a full semester internship or professional practice experience,” explained Jackie Lanier, assistant professor in the Department of Health Sciences. “Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to experience different countries with new perspectives, customs, and activities.  It provides a transformative experience that allows them to develop into global citizens and see a different parts of the world.”

“The students love experiencing new cultures, new food, and seeing historic sites,” said Lanier. “The opportunity for students to travel with friends and study abroad while not interrupting their plan of study is very valuable.”

“I learned so much about different ways of living and culture. I feel that this experience helped open my mind to new experiences and also helped my communication skills,” said Erin Green, a student participant. “I also learned tons about the history of the places I traveled. We got to see Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Athens, and Delphi. My favorite part of the experience was Florence because it was such a cute city with the most amazing architecture. I also loved visiting the Sistine Chapel, the artwork amazed me. The food in Italy and in Greece was amazing!”

“Studying abroad broadens one’s perspective,” said Lanier. “The best part of the program is seeing the transformation and excitement in the students.”

As the program is still a relatively new venture for the department, it continues to evolve to best serve students. Destinations for 2020 are Paris, Barcelona, and Provence. For more information, contact Jackie Lanier, faculty advisor, at or 309-438-8285.