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Thanks to the launch of a new IT HELP website, Illinois State University staff, faculty, and students will now have an easier time seeking help or assistance with their technology needs. This new site will directly address two of the most common concerns voiced by the Illinois State University community.

The new site features a simple request form that will no longer require a login, creating a simplified way to request help from the Technology Support Center or a department’s technology support team. The creation and submission of this form is the first step to getting your request or issue addressed. Users will still be able to track the status of their tickets, manage their account, and find downloads from the new site.

The public IT Help Knowledge Base, much like the simple request form, will no longer require a login to view articles. In addition, the search feature has been improved to quickly find the right answers providing a better means of self- service.

“Feedback through our annual survey on technology services clearly indicated that the ISU community wants a much more efficient way to find useful articles in the knowledge base. They wanted improved self-service tools not just for searching but also to submit requests for technical assistance when needed. The new IT Help website addresses those requests directly as a great first step in the right direction,” said Charley Edamala, associate vice president and chief technology officer. “This is just the start; there will be further improvements to make the user experience even better.”

As for future improvements, a number of updates are planned for later in the year.

Live chat will return to provide another point of contact with the Technology Support Center as well as a long-awaited upgrade to the Tech Alerts system, which will provide easier access to view the status of systems such as ReggieNet,, and WI-FI.

“Communicating system outages and maintenance provides our customers with the information they need to make decisions on how best to use their time. The new Tech Alerts platform will give our customers more control over which services they receive notifications for as well as how those messages are received,” said Tyler Piper, assistant director in the Technology Support Center.

As part of Administrative Technologies’ mission to provide innovation and digital transformation, further upgrades to the Knowledge Base are being explored with the aim to expand beyond IT topics and foster the success of the students, faculty, and staff of Illinois State. IT Help can be found at