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Years of Service, May and June 2019


15 Years
Lois Elaine Soeldner, Admissions, 5/3/2004

10 Years
Courtney Anne Grose, Teaching and Learning, 5/6/2009
Johannah A. Isaia, Health Services, 5/13/2009
Erika Leigh Jones, Comptroller’s Office, 5/4/2009
Dorothy Jeanne Merkle, English, 5/18/2009
Jodi L. Zimmerman, Research & Sponsored Programs, 5/5/2009


20 Years
Thomas Anthony Heintzman, Administrative Technologies, 6/15/1999
Daniel W. Stanislaus, Application Services, 6/14/1999

15 Years
Robert L. Tomes, Janitorial, 6/18/2004

10 Years
Paula J. Buck, Stdt Affairs Information Techn, 6/22/2009
Jacob Scott Emery, Advancement & Foundation Opers, 6/8/2009
Daniel C. Johnson, Transportation-Physical Plant, 6/8/2009
John M. Pokarney, Golf Course, 6/15/2009