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Professor Amy E. Robillard and Department of English doctoral alumnus D. Shane Combs have published a new edited collection, How Stories Teach Us: Composition, Life Writing, and Blended Scholarship. The collection, which aims to highlight what they call blended scholarship, includes a chapter by Illinois State English Professor Lisya Seloni called “Moving Literacies: A Need to Tell Transnational Stories.”

The collaboration came about as a result of work Combs and Robillard completed together in Robillard’s ENG 385: Life Writing/Narrative in Theory and Practice course in fall 2016.

Contributors to the collection celebrate the influence of life writing on their scholarship and compose blended scholarship dealing with loss, grief, illness, trauma, depression, abuse, gender identity, and the ravages of time. How Stories Teach Us enacts the department’s dedication to the English Studies model and illustrates faculty’s commitment to collaborating with students on scholarly projects and publication.