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English Scholars Program 2019

image of a group of people in the State Farm Hall of Business

English Scholars 2019

Another academic year, another dynamic cohort of English Scholars. The English Scholar program’s orientation was held on August 21, 2019, in the presence of all mentors and mentees. Scholars took this opportunity to come together to get to know each other, previous scholars and also bond with their mentors.

The program coordinator, Professor Robyn Seglem, kicked off the orientation. She engaged the entire room in a group bonding activity where everyone gave their introduction until another person in the room shared a common interest or experience. This way, everyone got to know each other and their interests. Later, the scholars got an opportunity to split into their mentor groups and bonded over cupcake decoration.

It was a fun evening where everyone came together to celebrate diversity and advancement towards including technology in teaching.

Meet Mayra and Miriam, English Scholars Program’s twins

English Scholar’s talented twins, Mayra and Miriam were newly featured in ISU news. Right after high school, they joined the School of Art Institute of Chicago to become artists but later realized they want to become teachers, which led them to ISU. These identical twins recently transferred to Illinois State to fulfill their goal of becoming teachers. Mayra is a middle-level education major and her sister, Miriam is majoring in Elementary Education.

You can read more about them here: Our newest Redbirds: Twins transfer to ISU together

Zack Gilbert, the EdGamer

English Scholar Program Mentor Zack Gilbert was featured in the “Statewide Standard.” He focuses on how technology in the form of computer games can be incorporated in the teaching process to make it more innovative, interactive, fun and engaging. He believes it’s a great way to connect with the students and also learn from it.

You can read the article here: Meet the @EdGamer Zack Gilbert

Annual T21 Conference 2019

The annual Teaching in the 21st Century Conference was held on September 27, 2019, in the State Farm Hall of Business. The keynote speaker for this event was Monica Genta. You can learn more about her at The English Scholars attended this opportunity to get more insight on the incorporation of technology in teaching and came together to share their thoughts on the conference sessions.

Family Weekend with the English Scholars

ISU celebrated its annual Family weekend from October 4-October 6, 2019. The College of Education took this opportunity to invite English Scholars and guests to honor them with their scholarship. Here are some proud English Scholar moments captured on this day.

English Scholar Victoria Montes at the Scholarship Ceremony


October 16: English Scholar group meet at Studio Teach, COE.

October 26: Homecoming week. Note to stop by the College of Education tailgate tend for food and fun!