Joseph Aderoju, a graduate student and research assistant in the Department of Technology, presented his research project October 17 at the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Great Lakes Region 3 Conference. His research is titled “Impact of a Hands-on Simulation Game on Construction Management Students’ Knowledge Enhancement: A Preliminary Study.”

The goal of the research is to assess the impact of simulation games in increasing construction management knowledge among students, by integrating the Brick-by-Brick game as a tool to practicalize the concepts and roles of construction management in the TEC 123 class at Illinois State University.

The presentation highlighted the benefits of active learning in teaching construction management concepts, using a preliminary study carried out to prove his hypothesis. The preliminary study involved the use of the brick by brick game as a tool to increase construction management knowledge among freshmen.

The main objective of this project is to integrate practical material into the curricula of building management, thus bridging the gap between classroom and building site. The suggested scheme offers learners with an easy instrument for gaining practical understanding of building procedures and building roles.