WZND radio station logoWZND has been experiencing a “record” breaking year! On state, national, and international levels, WZND represents Illinois State University as one of the best college radio stations in the country.

During the Illinois Broadcasters Association (IBA) awards season, WZND swept the categories. The station had 17 award finalist nominations and secured three of those top spots. This meant that WZND achieved twice as many awards than any other radio program in the state.

WZND was also a finalist in eight different categories for the College Broadcaster, Inc. awards in 2018 and 2019. This was more than any other college radio program in the country for two years straight.

Additionally, WZND was recognized at the International Awards with hundreds of entries from around the world. Specifically, WZND had a Finalist Nominee (Top 3) for Best Recorded Promo (by Derek Tilli and Lachlan McArthur-Self), as well as a Finalist Nominee (Top 3) for Best Student Media Website (by Kait Mayer and Kaeleigh Kreis).

For more information, please contact Deb Lesser or visit the WZND website.