On Wednesday, December 18, Becky LaMont welcomed Keith Habersberger ’08 and Becky Habersberger (née Miller) ’12 to the Nursing Simulation Lab with some help from Reggie Redbird.

Known for his work with BuzzFeed and his YouTube comedy series “The Try Guys,” Keith Habersberger earned a bachelor’s degree in acting from ISU’s School of Theater and Dance in 2008. On this visit to ISU, Habersberger worked to highlight the educational opportunities available to students because of the generosity of university donors.

At the Mennonite School of Nursing (MCN), much of the material in the simulation lab—as well as scholarships, faculty research, and educational opportunities such as Leadership Academy—is made possible by our donors.

To get some first-hand experience as nurses in the Simulation Lab, Keith and Becky greeted MCN’s manikin patient Rebecca, who they affectionately deemed “Robobecca.” Rebecca was voiced by Becky LaMont using computer software in another room, which links to a two-way audio system, allowing nursing students to gain valuable experience interacting with and treating patients.

Keith Habersberger practices nursing on simulation manikin

Keith ’08 and Becky ’12 Habersberger check Rebecca’s vital signs

Keith and Becky attempted to check Rebecca’s vitals and insert an IV line—sending MCN’s faculty and staff into laughter.

Rebecca wasn’t having it. Catching on to Keith’s lack of nursing experience, she asked, “Do you know what you’re doing?” and, later, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“We’re going to bring in your pudding now, Rebecca,” said Keith reassuringly.

Soon after, Rebecca coded. Keith and Becky attempted to save her with the help of a crash cart. “Ope. She’s dead,” said Keith. “Time of death: 3:09 Wednesday, December 18. We did all we could…with absolutely no experience.”

Keith and Becky rush to save the life of the nursing manikin

Keith and Becky rush to save Rebecca’s life

Keith and Becky’s journey into nursing reminded us that education and quality simulation experience is so important. “So your patients end up feeling good,” added Keith, “unlike Rebecca.”

Reggie Redbird and Keith and Becky Habersberger

Reggie Redbird gets ready to use the auriscope to check out Keith’s ears

Never one to miss out on the fun, Reggie Redbird danced around the Simulation Lab. At one point, Reggie decided Keith needed a checkup, using an auriscope to look at his ears.

Keith and Becky then met Terry, the nursing simulation lab’s infant manikin. Keith said, “This little sweetheart is just one of the amazing things the school provides to ensure quality education in its nursing program,” then pronounced Reggie Redbird as the proud father.

Faculty and staff at MCN had so much fun sharing the Nursing Simulation Lab with Keith, Becky, and Reggie. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see their application for the nursing program soon.

You can read more about Keith and Becky’s visit to ISU or learn about how you can give back to MCN.

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