Updating your federal and state tax withholding became easier with the release of online withholding PDF forms on February 26.

Online tax withholding forms allow employees to update their withholding status online using the actual state/federal agency form. Employees can

  • Launch the PDF form using self-service
  • Prepopulate certain fields
  • Update select fields
  • Submit updated withholding status
  • Save and print the PDF form

Important notes

  • Since the online tax withholding form process will download a copy of the PDF form (containing personal information), public or shared computers should not be used to update online tax withholding forms.
  • Due to Adobe limitations, online tax withholding forms may only be updated using a personal computer or laptop.
  • Mobile devices (i.e., phones/tablets) may only view current withholding elections.
  • A warning message notifies the employee that a copy of the PDF form will be downloaded to their personal computer or laptop