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Years of Service, February/March 2020

February 2020 Years of Service
35 years
James A. Caselton, Milner Library, 2/4/1985

30 years
Tracey Delories Chandler, Janitorial, 2/11/1990

25 years
Timoteo D. Asis, Parking and Transportation, 2/6/1995

20 years
Rebecca Ellen Fisher, School of Art, 2/10/2000
LeAnn Marie Lanzotti, Janitorial, 2/20/2000
Silvia O. Miramontes, Janitorial, 2/20/2000
Guadalupe Nieto, Janitorial, 2/20/2000
Eric J. Short, Building Maintenance, 2/28/2000
Jason W. Taylor, School of Communication, 2/2/2000
Margaret I. Volk, University Housing Services, 2/14/2000
Kevin Girard Wiand, Dean of Education, 2/21/2000

15 years
Maximes Mputu Bekofe, Janitorial, 2/16/2005
Todd E. Eddy, Ctr for Math Sci & Technology, 2/21/2005
Lawrence K. Maxhimer, Building Maintenance, 2/7/2005
Dwayne P. Moore, Janitorial, 2/16/2005
Janice L. Walden, Janitorial, 2/16/2005

10 years
Christopher P. Block, Building Maintenance, 2/16/2010
Michael S. Burke, Building Maintenance, 2/17/2010
Kimberly Kay Morine, Building Maintenance, 2/1/2010

March 2020 Years of Service
30 years

Stephen Vanaman Hopkins, Client Services, 3/19/1990

25 years
Stacy L. Albright, Lang Literatures & Cultures, 3/1/1995

20 years
Christopher Corso, Enterprise Data and Analytics, 3/13/2000
Adam Cody Key, Janitorial, 3/20/2000
Sandra R. Schmeusser-Smith, Janitorial, 3/13/2000
Soemer Rae Simmons, Enrollment Management, 3/13/2000
Lisa Sue Swan, Registrar, 3/9/2000

15 years
Kelli Ann Brown, Janitorial, 3/1/2005
Robert J. Campbell, Janitorial, 3/1/2005
Cheryl I. Collins, Janitorial, 3/1/2005
Eva Hurth, Health Services, 3/28/2005
Richard Steven Marr, Building Maintenance, 3/1/2005
Nkuthi Mita Matundu, Janitorial, 3/1/2005
William S. Russell, Building Maintenance, 3/1/2005
John W. Schmidgall, Janitorial, 3/1/2005
Kyle Thomas Vann, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 3/28/2005
Jason W. West, Janitorial, 3/1/2005

10 years
Jamie L. Anderson, Women’s and Gender Studies, 3/11/2010
Eric M. Brauer, Campus Services Div Grounds, 3/1/2010
Amanda S. Brown, Stdt Affairs Information Techn, 3/29/2010