Integrating Culturally Responsive Data Literacy into Schools and Classrooms

2 p.m.-3:15 p.m. Tuesday, September 15

Join REL Mid-Atlantic for a free webinar on how to integrate culturally responsive data literacy into practice. The concept, which merges culturally responsive pedagogy with data-driven decision making, plays a key role in promoting equitable instruction. It also provides insights into students’ cultural identities and experiences so that their differences can be acknowledged and leveraged for learning. Linking culturally responsive practices to data use and data literacy can inform continuous improvement and help customize instruction to meet students’ needs. This webinar will build educators’ awareness of and capacity for using data with an equity lens and provide tools and resources for integrating it into practice. This webinar is for practitioners, administrators, state education agencies, researchers, and professional organizations. Submit your questions for the presenters in advance by emailing

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Creating Caring School Communities: Decolonizing Harmful Practices, Disrupting Push Out, & Advancing Liberation in Our Schools

The topic of this year’s Institute is about re-establishing schools as caring communities by dismantling institutionalized practices that interrupt successful schooling experiences for historically marginalized populations and supporting the development of a framework to promote success for all students.

Dates:  10 a.m. September 29-4:30 p.m. September 30 (ET)