photo of speaker, Maria Schmeeckle

Dr. Maria Schmeeckle

The Sociology and Anthropology Department will host the first of their Research Series this year.  Dr. Maria Schmeeckle, associate professor of sociology, will present “Rebels with a cause: Understanding children’s rebellion against parents” at noon on Friday, September 11.

“Despite the stereotype of defiant children and teenagers rebelling for no good reason, young people who rebel against parents often have legitimate, sound reasons for doing so,” Schmeeckle said. “Unmet needs compel them to use their limited power to rebel in ways known and unknown to their parents, triggering significant consequences that often affect the rest of their lives. Children’s rebellions reflect not just their marginalized status due to age, but social inequalities of sex/gender, race/ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion. Rebelling against dysfunctional dynamics in the home may actually be a healthier choice for children than complying when they would actually prefer to rebel.”  In this presentation, Schmeeckle will give some preliminary answers to her research questions about why children rebel, how they rebel, how groups of children differ in their rebellions, and the costs and benefits of rebellion.

To attend the noon meeting, follow the Zoom link: