About this Event

Inequities tied to race, gender, immigration status, and social class permeated American public education long before the arrival of Coronavirus. As such, the unanticipated shift from physical classrooms to online education has presented policy makers and teachers alike with new opportunities to examine and address educational practices that have historically limited students’ growth, particularly those from poor, low-income, and disproportionately minority communities. Gissela Moya and Kim Vinh examine the possibilities, limitations, and challenges of this unprecedented moment in education. Participants will explore ways to advocate for policies addressing resource inequality and practice pedagogies designed to better support students and their families.

Teaching Across Screens is a one-hour workshop series showcasing encouraging work by veteran practicing educators, who share in the current struggle to make remote instruction meaningful and effective. Facilitators focus on common challenges, emphasize specific instructional strategies, and encourage workshop participation.

Participants will receive an email with the Zoom link 2 hours in advance of the workshop.

Date And Time: Tue, October 20, 2020, 6–7 p.m. CDT.