30 years
Pam Jean Merna, Intercollegiate Athletics, 9/4/1990

25 years
Juliana E. Nelson, Alumni Engagement, 9/25/1995

20 years
Steven Paul Anderson, Janitorial, 9/17/2000
Lynn M. Hospelhorn, Financial Aid Office, 9/25/2000
Victor J. Levandoski, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 9/5/2000
Thomas W. Silvia, Ctr Teaching, Learning & Tech, 9/5/2000
Jeffrey A. Withey, Building Maintenance, 9/11/2000

15 years
Melissa Ann Bevins, Mennonite College of Nursing, 9/26/2005
Christian Lee Chestney, Building Maintenance, 9/26/2005
Susan Regina Conner, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ, 9/1/2005
Diana L. Woodring, Col of Business Stdt Advisemnt, 9/12/2005

10 years
Chad Brucker
, Building Maintenance, 9/13/2010
Erica E. Johnson, Administrative Technologies, 9/16/2010
Rose Mitchell, Janitorial, 9/8/2010
Angel Marie Seal, Campus Recreation, 9/22/2010
Melanie Shirley, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 9/20/2010