The New Reading Rainbow: Great Books About Race, Diversity, and Inclusion

For young kids, books are an experience, a cooperative reading lessons with pointing, musing, and discussions about the content built into the comfort of bonding. While there are many excellent book lists for young readers that challenge representation and celebrate diversity, this list includes reading recommendations derived from a variety of organizations and experts leading the charge. It was created with the idea in mind that parents would be reading these books with their kids and, when questions arise, breaking down the content in a way that their child can understand.

Find the list, which includes descriptions of the each book’s plot and main character(s), at:

And that’s not all! | The Reading Rainbow list is part of From The Start: A Parent’s Guide to Talking About Racial Bias, a series created in partnership with Johnson’s, Aveeno Baby, and Desitin. From the Start is a terrific resource for parents and caregivers to consult as they journey into their own feelings and viewpoints about race, their children’s, and how they can help their children build racial literacy and an inclusive understanding of our many differences.

Dismantling Disparities in Communities: Resources and Tools to Advance Systems Change

Given the complexity of social change efforts in an increasingly urgent social justice and geopolitical moment, the question is no longer whether funders and community partners should invest and engage in systems change work, but how. These efforts require more equitable approaches to address disparities in communities, including raising community voice, changing policies, and rethinking practices. And as many foundations and community leaders develop, co-design, or refine programs in education, employment, and public health, among other areas, there are opportunities for them to more deeply root investments and engage with communities to sustain their impact.