Illinois State University’s Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) has rapidly grown since it was first established in 2017. To better serve students and help manage the departmental growth, CCE recently announced a new staff position.

“We’re thrilled to have Bruce the Goose join us as our new assistant director of Flock Engagement,” said Dr. Katy Strzepek, director at CCE. “Bruce has demonstrated his knack for student engagement over the last couple of years, so we know that he’ll be an excellent addition to our flock.”

image of a Canadian goose near Hewitt-Manchester
Bruce the Goose will begin his new position with CCE later this spring.

In his new role at CCE, Bruce will be responsible for engaging with students and helping spread the word about the variety of programs and services offered at CCE. He will also be heavily involved with the University’s Voter Engagement Coalition and will help build awareness about various forms of civic engagement.

Bruce and his partner have been quite notorious in the past for their outspoken nature in student engagement. Illinois State University Police officers were often called to step in, too, to manage interactions between students and Bruce.

“In his younger days, Bruce certainly kept our officers busy,” said University Police Chief Aaron Woodruff. “We’re thrilled to see how much he’s grown, though, and we look forward to watching him really spread his wings and fly in with CCE.”

CCE staff see Bruce’s past as an example of his passion for engagement. “We’ve had several important discussions with Bruce, and we thoroughly believe we can harness his excitement about interacting with students and channel it for good,” Strzepek continued. “He’s taken a gander at our current programming and he’s definitely excited about the opportunities we offer students to support the University’s core value of civic engagement.”

Bruce and his partner are currently nesting and were unavailable for comment. He will begin his new position just as soon as their spring goslings are mature enough to leave unattended.

Do you have concerns about a university department hiring a goose? No need to cry fowl. Happy April Fools’ Day!