On average, the Illinois State University Police Department responds to more than 3,000 requests for assistance on campus ranging from health crises to criminal investigations.

Logo: Black badge with gold band. Logo reads Lexipol Connect 2020 Gold
Lexipol Connect Gold status badge

To maintain a consistent and professional response, the department relies on comprehensive, up-to-date policies.

Recently, the University Police Department was recognized by the Lexipol Connect program for achieving Gold level for consistently and effectively disseminating policies to officers, issuing timely policy updates as laws change, and ensuring officers are trained on policies. Lexipol is the nation’s leading content, policy, and training platform for public safety agencies; their Connect program tracks performance on five metrics that have been proven to measure success in policy management.

“We are proud to be recognized by Lexipol Connect for our commitment to continuous improvement in professionalism and campus safety. Having strong policies which emphasize the sanctity of life and our commitment to excellence, reinforced through regular training, is crucial to maintaining the high standards the public expects of law enforcement, especially during times of intense scrutiny,” said ISU Police Chief Aaron Woodruff

The department’s excellence in policy enhances community safety by ensuring consistent and effective response based on the most current legislation. For more information on the extensive and ongoing training of University Police personnel, visit our website.