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What are your plans for the summer? Many School of Information Technology (IT) faculty are planning to spend their summer working on research projects. The School of IT is committed to supporting research in the rapidly evolving field of Information Technology, and is providing summer research support for the following faculty research projects:

  • Dr. Rosangela Follmann: “Hybrid Approach for Improved Performance in Machine Learning”
  • Dr. Hyoil Han: “AI recommender system”
  • Dr. Ronnie Jia: “Autistic Tendency in the IT Field and Its Implications”
  • Dr. Jianwei Lai: “A shoulder-surfing resistant graphical passcode”
  • Dr. William Lewis: “Individual and Design Impacts on Computer-based Test Anxiety”
  • Dr. Sumesh Philip: “Smart Profiler: A Machine learning Classifier for Rogue Device Detection in Internet-of-Things Networks”
  • Dr. Abdelmounaam Rezgui: “Scaling the Internet to the Things: Combining Named Data Networking and Software-Defined Networking to Support the Next 50 Billon IoT Devices”
  • Dr. Mehdi Sookhak: “Preventing Dark Sides of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Using A Component Selection-Based Framework”
  • Dr. Qi Zhang: “Technology Development and Validation for Multi-Modality Medical Data Dynamic Rendering, Enhancement, and Synchronization Over Internet”

Dr. Traci Carte, director of the School of IT, said: “Faculty have always worked on research in the summer, but we have not previously had the resources to provide summer compensation for these activities. I’m excited to see what these faculty will accomplish!”