University Housing Services is thrilled to announce Julia Durnell as the winner of the Janice A. Auguston Memorial Award.  Durnell is a first-year graduate student majoring in college student personnel administration. 

“This was the first scholarship I ever applied for,” Durnell said. “Nothing you do goes unnoticed in Housing, and I feel so supported by the Housing staff.”

The Janice A. Auguston Memorial Award is given biennially to an outstanding student currently employed as a graduate assistant, resident assistant, or international assistant. Applications open in March, and the winners are selected in April. The scholarship award is for no less than $350.

When Cardinal Court leadership went through multiple transitions last fall, Durnell acted as a constant for her team of community assistants. She attributes much of her success as a graduate assistant to her supportive and loving Housing staff members. 

“The Cardinal Court team is my family at ISU,” Durnell said. “They really got me through my first year of graduate school, especially during a pandemic. While we are limited in having in-person events, we can still get to know each other and be a big family. They have really been my motivation to be the best I can be in my position.”

Durnell’s current supervisor and the interim area coordinator of Cardinal Court, Kiley Sturm, said this scholarship award is being awarded to a terrific and deserving young woman. 

“Julia is a positive role model for every member of the Cardinal Court team and every resident who stays in Cardinal Court,” Sturm said. “Not only does she do the job well, but she is always willing to help the rest of the staff become better individuals and community assistants in their own roles.”

Durnell looks forward to a new summer internship in the facilities unit of University Housing and returning to Cardinal Court in the fall as its graduate assistant of Residential Life. Following graduation, she aspires to continue working in Student Affairs at Illinois State.

As University Housing scholarships continue to have a positive impact on students, gifts from supporters that make it possible to continue providing quality programs, activities, and services are always greatly appreciated.