On Saturday, December 11, School of Information Technology (IT) faculty and staff joined many of our fall 2021 graduates in celebration at the School of IT Fall Commencement Reception. It was a pleasure to share in the celebration of your success with you, your families, and guests. Photos from the reception can be downloaded from the School of IT Facebook page.

To all of our fall graduates, we offer this congratulatory message from the director:

Congratulations, fall 2021 School of IT graduates! These past few semesters have been tough on all of us. These semesters tested your adaptability, your technical skills, your motivation, and most of all your patience. Continuing to progress in your major and finally graduating through all of this is a testimony to your perseverance. Through it all, you prevailed. Enjoy this moment and what it means. As you start your IT careers, we hope you’ll find a professional experience you feel prepared to tackle, a level of personal fulfillment, and genuine happiness.

Dr. Traci Carte
Director, School of IT