Jorge Colon and his wife, Cora
Jorge Colon and his wife, Cora

Every month the Administrative/Professional (A/P) Council highlights an A/P staff member through a series of questions as another way for the Illinois State community to connect. This month readers can get to know Transfer Admissions counselor Jorge Colon ’15.

What are your responsibilities in this role?

I guide prospective students through the admissions process, answering questions they have about all things ISU. This includes the application, scholarship opportunities, life on campus, housing, classroom experience, future opportunities, and anything else they want to know about the University. Essentially, I get to brag about Illinois State all day, every day!

How long have you been an employee at ISU?:

Since the summer of 2018.

What do you love most about working at ISU?:

I love getting to meet students from all over Illinois, or even the country. Every day is different, especially when I’m traveling to different community colleges or college fairs.

What is one fact about yourself that might surprise people?:

I’m currently finishing my master’s degree in creative technologies. I will be graduating in May!

When you’re not working, what are you most likely doing?:

Hanging out with my wife, Cora, and/or my dog, Winnie. We love to make coffee, cook, go on walks, and explore new places together!

What is your favorite spot on campus?:

Student Fitness Center. It’s a great place to get in my morning workout or to go rock climbing!

What quote most inspires you? Why?:

“You have no idea how high I can fly.”—Michael Scott

These words are what kick-started the legendary Michael Scott Paper Company, which became valued at $60,000 in just a few episodes weeks.