The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has recruited three sociology majors and three anthropology majors to represent the department in various modes for student assistance, recruitment, and consultation. The student ambassadors program, only in its third year, has been invaluable to the department, offering a perspective that only students can bring to other students. This is one of the avenues that senior ambassador Jamiya Scott believes to be a most effective method of connecting with students, peer to peer.

“We as students can feel more comfortable to relate to one another, and I believe the impact of this is truly a part of what makes a great college experience.”

Jamiya Scott

If you ask this special group of undergraduate students why they chose to be ambassadors, the No. 1 response is their desire to share with the student body the exciting programs of study they themselves enjoy. They are eager to be a resource that brings other students in so they can see for themselves what it means to be a sociologist or anthropologist and the opportunities that will be afforded to them in those majors.

The two seasoned ambassadors, Anna Tulley and Sophia de Sa e Silva, are both anthropology majors. They return with a new and surprising understanding after their ambassadorship last year.

“I learned that a lot of people have no idea what anthropology is,” Tulley said. She is looking forward to visiting classes throughout the semester again with the chance of explaining the “array of career and research options in the field of anthropology”

“I didn’t even know what the word ‘anthropology’ meant until I was a sophomore,” de Sa e Silva said of her younger self. “I want more people to learn about this department.”

One new anthropologist joins them, Hattie Parsons, a junior double major with legal studies. Her personal experience in introductory anthropology classes with Dr. Stanlaw and Dr. Putt helped define her new passion. Parsons thrives on student contact and being a help to her peers.

“Becoming a resource and sharing knowledge is a big passion of mine,” she said. Her knowledge of campus life, employment, and what it’s like to live in Central Illinois make her a valuable resource.

“We’re here for you, whether you’re curious about course recommendations or you need to rant about your homework load.

Anna Tulley

Three new ambassadors from sociology joined the team: Erin Hennessy, a junior psych minor; Scott, a senior with a French and francophone studies minor; and Lawrence Landfair, a double major with political science. The broad range of interests of these students helps them talk to a broad range of students.

“The staff are very approachable and want to make sure you succeed,” Hennessy said.

The group agrees that the study of sociology is transformative and applicable to every area of life.

Landfair loves the ranges of study within sociology.

“A course may touch on the importance of written language, while another, the origins of capitalism,” he said.

Scott offers sound advice to students: “Research different sociology courses and take one as an elective. Take this class and truly engage with it and by that, I mean participate, learn, and discover. I can promise the outcome of what you learn will transform your whole perspective on life.”

You can find the student ambassadors in their Schroeder Hall office, SCH 316, during office hours. Stop in and ask questions. Challenge their knowledge. Seek honest advice about classes, professors, or other related topics. They are here for you to answer any questions you may have.

Use the student ambassador webpage to find more about these students and their office hours.