Redbird Legacy: Three generations of Redbirds

Graduates from the Freeman family include, from left, Tracy, Danielle, Matt, Natalie, Dave, Vickie, and Greg.

hose who founded ISU’s sorority and fraternity community more than 50 years ago would be proud of the 2,500 affiliated students today, as they find meaningful ways to live their organization’s values.

Class Notes

Illinois State University campus from above

Keep up with what fellow alumni are doing by reading our class notes for the fall 2020 alumni magazine issue.

In memory

Large bell surrounded by flowers and set in stone landscaping, with academic buildings in the background

In memory of Illinois State University alumni, faculty, and staff who have passed away.

Redbird legacy: Like father, like son

Father and son standing in front of sign

Illinois State freshman Jalen Love learned early on the value of going to college and pursuing a degree. His parents, Larry and Betty Love, were both first-generation college students who found a home at the University.

Pause for applause

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We applaud these Illinois State alumni featured in the April 2020 issue.