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Close-up of pennycress plant.

Volume 6 • Number 1 • Fall 2020


Powerful pennycress: Dr. Sedbrook’s research team is transforming a weed into a crop

Though farmers consider pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) nothing more than a weed, Illinois State Professor of Genetics Dr. John Sedbrook is working to change their perspective—and the plant itself.

Two Agriculture professors standing in a corn field

Input harvest: Agriculture professors reap feedback on students’ motivations to reach new generation

It wasn’t long into her teaching tenure at Illinois State University that Dr. Iuliia Tetteh, an assistant professor in the Department of Agriculture, noticed that learning tactics she found interesting and exciting as a student didn’t catch the attention of the young people she was teaching.

Students participate in the 2019 Illinois Summer Research Academy.

Research Spotlight: Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology

This issue’s Research Spotlight features the Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (CeMaST).

Elderly people hold smartphones and are meant to be tweeting on Twitter.

Tweeting into the Golden Years

On the first day the #GoldenTweets program was offered, a man walked in saying he was there to learn about birdcalls.

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Close-up of pennycress plant.

Fall 2020

Volume 6 • Number 1 • Fall 2020