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Redbird Scholar Spring 2019 cover textless showing a ship in Lake Tanganyika
Sound the alarm: The global warming of lakes threatens the fish and people that depend on them, ISU scientist warns.

Volume 4 • Number 2 • Spring 2019

boat on lake shore

Watershed moment: Scholar’s studies on lakes worldwide sound environmental alarm

Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist Catherine O’Reilly has been leading international research teams that have discovered climate change has been warming lakes worldwide, threatening the fish and humans depending on them.

Schools in Champaign and Urbana are working closely with Illinois State faculty and students on a federally funded project aimed at helping at-risk youth develop relationship and job skills.

CARE4U gives hope to at-risk youth

Created by Ani Yazedjian with a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the program focuses on relationship skills, job readiness, and financial literacy targeted toward at-risk youth.

Associate Professor Carl Schimmel has been named a Guggenheim Fellow for his musical compositions.

From actuary to Guggenheim Fellow: A story of a composer

There is an unmistakable brightness to Carl Schimmel’s music. He infuses his compositions with subtle humor, even his more serious pieces. He is trying to tap into sentiments that are relatable to most everyone.

Unhappy couple ignoring each other using mobile phones. Boyfriend and girlfriend with smartphone addiction. Bad relationship concept

The Q-and-A with Aimee Miller-Ott: Are cellphones disconnecting us?

In this Q&A, Illinois State University Professor Aimee Miller-Ott talks about her study examining phone usage between helicopter parents and college students, the weird impasse we find ourselves in when a companion is on their phone, and how texting can lead to miscommunication, especially between couples and friends.

Distinguished Professor Saad El-Zanati introduces math research to Chicago high school students at his summer camp.

Student research: Demystifying math research through problem-solving

High school teachers and students get the opportunity to dive into math research each summer at Illinois State University through two programs organized by Distinguished Professor Saad El-Zanati.

More than 400 undergraduate and graduate students presents at Illinois State's Research Symposium.

Diversify your research through Milner Library

Milner Library has over 250 databases available. Here is a list of databases where content focuses on underrepresented populations.

Associate Professor of Economics Oguzhan Dincer

Research spotlight: Institute for Corruption Studies

Associate Professor of Economics Oguzhan Dincer has opened the Institute for Corruption Studies in the heart of a state synonymous with political shadiness.

single blue spotted egg isolated on white background

Ask a Redbird Scholar: Why are bird eggs different colors?

In this edition of Ask a Redbird Scholar, Illinois State University Associate Professor Angelo Capparella answers the question, Why are bird eggs different colors?

Grey hair texture

Ask a Redbird Scholar: Why does human hair turn gray?

In this edition of Ask a Redbird Scholar, Illinois State University Assistant Professor Alysia Mortimer answers the question, Why does human hair turn gray?

Bee picks honey on flowers lavender on sunset in sunny ray insect.

Ask a Redbird Scholar: Why are we running out of bees?

In this edition of Ask a Redbird Scholar, Illinois State Assistant Professor Benjamin Sadd answers the questions: Why are we running out of bees? What would be the impact of a world without them?

library books on a shelf

Redbird media: Latest books, media from ISU faculty

Here are a few of the latest books and media from Illinois State University faculty.