Let’s do away with “Spring break bods”

Students at Body Project peer facilitator trainings

Well. It’s about that time of year again. You’re going to start seeing the advertisements everywhere: “8 Weeks to a Better Spring Break Body!”; “The Ultimate 4-Week Spring Break Workout Plan!”; “Get Spring Break Ready in Two Weeks.”

Appreciating body diversity

Students at Body Project peer facilitator trainings

Whether it’s a family member commenting on how “she doesn’t have the body to be wearing that,” listening to a friend go on and on about her latest diet so she can lose weight to go on vacation, or the media encouraging us to get “bikini ready,” I’m tired of all of the body shaming and fat talk I hear on a daily basis.

A Presidential look?

Students at Body Project peer facilitator trainings

Presidential elect Donald Trump recently explained to ABC’S David Muir, “I just don’t think [Hillary Clinton] has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look.” What exactly is the presidential look? How does someone look presidential? Is it the way they dress? Perhaps it is the way they style their hair or do their make-up? Maybe the better question is, does one’s dress, hair, or makeup bear any consequence on one’s ability to run a country? Why is women’s appearance so important?

Coping with post-election stress

American flag

If you are experiencing strong reactions to the results, remember to use some grounding and self-soothing strategies today. Remember also that you can come to Student Counseling Services for support.