As part of this year’s Science and Technology Week (March 31–April 4), hosted by the College of Applied Science and Technology, the Redbird Battalion hosted a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Melissa Stockwell, the keynote speaker for this year’s Science and Technology Week, is a proud Army veteran and serves on the board of the Wounded Warrior Project. The ROTC cadets thought fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project would be a great way to honor Stockwell’s efforts.

The fundraising idea was a unique one: “push-ups for change.” Just $1 purchased five push-ups, done by the cadet on duty.

“The push-up fundraiser is something that our satellite school, Bradley University, has been doing for awhile,” said Cadet Matthew Hancock, an Illinois State University senior. “We had been waiting for a chance to try it on Illinois State’s campus, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Through their efforts, the Redbird Battalion raised $925 that will go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.

“Not only did we get to raise funds for a great cause, but we also got to meet Melissa Stockwell,” said Hancock. Stockwell was actually able to visit the fundraiser during her time on campus, and tweeted her support of the project.

“All of the cadets really enjoyed hearing Melissa’s inspiring story,” said Hancock. “We are proud that we were able to contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, and we really enjoyed taking part in Science and Technology Week.”