Triplets Alex, Danielle, and Zach Levi are leaving Illinois State just like they arrived—together.

The Redbird trio all graduated last weekend during Illinois State’s spring commencement ceremonies. Alex and Zach were both finance majors, with Danielle earning a degree in apparel merchandising.

“It’s going to feel good to know that we all three did it, at the same time, and we’re all graduating on time,” said Zach, who along with his siblings already have jobs lined up in the Chicago area.

The Levis graduated from Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville before coming to Illinois State. Their decision to attend ISU together was made, in part, to make things easier on their parents, Greg and Sandy Levi. But it also made college life a little easier for the triplets too, as they looked out for one another. The brothers lived together, and Alex and Danielle worked together at McCormick Hall before graduating.

“It was the exact right sized university for them,” Greg said. “We looked at bigger universities. We looked at smaller, private schools. The diversity of experiences and the opportunities that were afforded here at Illinois State—for all three of them— I think it was phenomenal.

“To have three kids graduate on time, in four years, from the same university, we’re very blessed and very lucky,” Greg said.

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