The summer term is here, and we couldn’t let the Spring term end without giving the students from the HIS 395 Archives & Manuscripts course a big THANK YOU for all their hard work this term.  These students processed four collections for their semester projects:

Records of the ISU Department of Politics and Government, processed by Rachel Lawrence and Michelle Freimann.  Rachel and Michelle worked on the papers of the Department of Politics and Government this term, arranging and describing the administrative papers of the department.  Though many of the records are primarily from the 1960’s, they learned a lot about the early development of coursework in politics and government at ISNU.

Helen Marshall Research Collection, processed by Tarra Louise Craig and Heather Michelle Downey.  Tarra and Heather worked with the research papers, notes, and manuscript drafts created by Helen Marshall as she wrote the ISNU history book, Grandest of Enterprises.  Tarra and Heather discovered not only Marshall’s love of the university and its history, but just how detailed a researcher she was.  There are several folders of handwritten notes on student organizations, as well as information she gathered from longtime ISNU employees. They also found draft covers for the book that were hand drawn by Marshall.

Harlan Wesley Peithman Papers, processed by Eldon Yeakel and Nathaniel Brower.  Eldon and Nathaniel learned just how much Peitheman loved music.  His course notes alone span several boxes, and one box is entirely of Peithman’s recorded music and research.  They also learned about his time spent with and passion for the Men’s Glee Club.  Peithman’s papers are truly a step back in ISNU’s musical past.

Illinois State University Ephemera Collection, processed by Aindrea Burke and Veronica Gutierrez.  This collection was different from the others – a real challenge for Aindrea and Veronica.  The number of total ephemera pieces held at Archives is in the thousands.  So, they were given a few boxes and asked to start a base collection that Archives staff will add to in the coming months and years.  The collection features ephemera pieces from all over campus including colleges, department, schools, centers, student groups, performances, lectures, and other events held at and for the university over the last 157 years. Though it looks rather large now, this collection gives us a start in organizing the many thousands of other ephemera pieces we have in our files.

Thanks to the HIS 395 Archives & Manuscripts students for their hard work and great collections.  You helped preserve some important pieces of ISU history.