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Illinois Business Intelligence provides market research services

Easy-to-understand data allows clients to make informed business decisions.

Illinois Business Intelligence (IBI), a new service offered through Illinois State University’s Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development, provides free, customized market research intelligence and quality referrals to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Any business owner or start-up can contact IBI business information specialists for direct service within one business day. For business inquiries and more information, email or call (309) 438-0610. For more information on IBI’s free services, visit the IBI website or like Illinois Business Intelligence on Facebook.

By subscribing to private databases, IBI can generate reports on consumer spending habits, market potential, and national financial benchmarking metrics. Easy-to-understand data provided in real-time and with a personal touch allows clients to make informed decisions that can help develop their business plans or help their businesses grow and become more successful.

IBI also has a large network of referrals including contact information for small business development centers, economic development organizations, and city governments throughout Illinois. IBI directs entrepreneurs to the organization that can best meet their needs.

“We’re excited to have a role in stimulating the state’s economy by helping small business owners and entrepreneurs understand industry trends, determine the best advertisement locations in the area, and find their niche among competitors,” said Christina Davila, IBI business information specialist.

IBI is modeled after the University of Northern Iowa’s Business Concierge, which provides market research services to small businesses in Iowa. Through IBI, Illinois State’s Stevenson Center is bringing this critical public service to Illinois. The Stevenson Center is dedicated to public service and educates students as they seek the tools for careers in community and economic development. It provides direct-service to communities in the form of economic impact analyses, data management, and now IBI.

In the months since its launch, IBI has assisted several clients throughout Illinois including a university sports apparel store, a potential contract brewery and a wholesale coffee business. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of IBI’s unique and in-depth services.