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Research and Honors

Abstract photo of research

A team of authors that includes Julie Schumacher, Hae Jin Gam, and Jennifer Banning, all FCS, received the Best Paper Award for Foods and Nutrition at the 106th Annual Conference of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) in Jacksonville, Florida on June 26. The title of the winning paper was “Influence of Body Satisfaction, Body Mass Index, and Diet Quality on Healthy Eating Attitudes among College Students.”

The National Safety Council (NSC) named Adam McCrary, EHS, as a Rising Star of Safety. The NSC Rising Stars of Safety showcases up-and-coming safety professionals younger than 40 who have a track record of demonstrating leadership, innovation, and involvement in their organization’s safety culture while promoting continuous safety improvement in the workplace.

Steven Peters, CHE, presented “Isocyanate Anion Radicals and Their Cyclotrimerization to Isocyanurate Anion Radicals” at the Joint Great Lakes/Central Regional Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mark Olson, SWK, published “Innovations in Social Work Training: A Pilot Study of Interprofessional Collaboration Using Standardized Clients” in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. 

Craig McLauchlan, CHE, co-authored “Evaluating Transition State Structures of Vanadium-phosphatase Protein Complexes Using Shape Analysis” for the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry.

Eros DeSouza, PSY, recently contributed to a peer-reviewed research article published “What are Rights? Definitions and Perspectives from the Global South” in the International Psychology Bulletin.

Karen Stipp, SWK, published “A Plain View of Poor Health in a Land of Plenty” in Social Work in Public Health.