Joy Hutchcraft
, University Advancement, received the Ian T. Sturrock Outstanding Fundraising Executive Award.

Gregory Ferrence
, CHE, presented “Permeating the Cambridge Structural Database into Chemical Education,” at the CSD50: “50 years of the Cambridge Structural Database: Origins, Influences & Directions,” at Downing College, University of Cambridge.

Virginia Gill, SOC, presented “When an Option is Not an Option: Discussions About Surgical Treatments for Breast Cancer” to the American Sociological Association.

Cynthia Kukla, ART, will provide a 15-minute video on watercolors for the international webinar on children’s illustration for the Children’s Book Academy in Sacramento, California.

Eirin Sullivan
and Christopher Hamaker, CHE, published “Structure, Stability, and Photoluminescence in the Anti-Perovskites Na3W1-xMoxO4F (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)” in the Journal of Solid State Chemistry.

Kass Fleisher, ENG, published Litscapes: Collected U.S. Writings 2015; and also “8.” in Beecher’s, No. 5.

Bob Broad, ENG, reviewed Henry Chauncey: An American Life by Norbert Elliot in the Journal of Writing Assessment 8.1.

Susan Meredith Burt, ENG, published “‘There’s Not a Lot of Negotiation’: Address Terms in an Academic Department” in Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Im/politeness.

Karen Coats, ENG, co-edited “Special Issue: Mothering in Children’s and Young Adult Literature” for Children’s Literature in Education 46.2.