False memories will be the topic of the College of Arts and Sciences Main Street College event at 7 p.m. Monday, October 26, at the Illinois State University Alumni Center, room 118 (1101 N. Main St., Normal, Illinois). The talk is free and open to the public.

image of Dawn McBride

Dawn McBride

Professor of Psychology Dawn McBride will lead the talk titled “Did That Really Happen? Understanding False Memory.” The event will explore the concept of false memory and examine some of the factors that influence the creation of false memories. Some famous cases of false memory will be discussed, along with what has been learned from research that applies to real-world situations.

McBride supervises the Human Memory Lab at Illinois State, which examines the processes involved in different types of memory, including prospective memory, false memory, implicit memory, and forgetting. She is the co-author of The Process of Research in Psychology, which received the Best New Book of the Year Award from Sage Publishing. McBride’s work has appeared in numerous scholarly journals, and she has presented her findings across the U.S. and Canada.

Main Street College was created by Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Greg Simpson. Its purpose is to showcase the interesting work being done in the College and explain why that work is relevant to everyone. “I think it’s important that all of us in higher education are able to articulate exactly what we do and why it is relevant to society,” said Simpson. “Everyone is welcome to attend, especially people outside the discipline of psychology.”