Laura Trendle-Polus, COM, has been named the president of the Illinois News Broadcasters Association.

Erin Durban-Albrecht, ANT, won the 2015 Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize for her dissertation “Postcolonial Homophobia: United States Imperialism in Haiti and the Transnational Circulation of Anti-Gay Sexual Politics.”

Kim McCord, MUS, and Donna Zawatski, Metcalf School, presented a master class for music teachers and music education students at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. McCord also presented on the “The Metcalf Laboratory School and Collaboration in Music Education” at the University of Helsinki. McCord and Zawatski presented the master class “Students with Hearing and Vision Loss in the Orff Ensemble” at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria. McCord presented “A Process of Evolution: Transforming Perceptions of Traditionally Identified Music Education Approaches and Transforming Music for Students with Disabilities: A Social Justice Approach” at the Mountain Lake Colloquium for teachers of general music methods.

Somnath Lahiri, MQM, co-guest edited a special issue on service multinationals in the Journal of International Management. His co-authored opening piece titled “Turning the Spotlight on Service Multinationals: New Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence” appeared in Vol. 21, Issue 3, of the journal.

Roberta Seelinger Trites, ENG, published “Understanding Identity Politics through Intersectionality and Aetonormativity” in SIGNAL.

Bob Broad, ENG, co-authored “(Re-) Mapping the System: Toward Dialogue-Driven Transformation in the Teaching and Assessment of Writing” for the Alberta Journal of Educational Research (Fall 2015). He also co-authored “The Poetry of Evaluation: Helping Students Explore What They Value in Verse” for the book Creative Writing and Education (Multilingual Matters Press, 2015).

Steve Halle, ENG, published The Collectors, a chapbook.

Willard Bohn, LAN emeritus, published two articles in the journal Metaphysical, “Art: a Translation of 89 Poems by Giorgio de Chirico” and “Arcades in the Sun: Giorgio de Chirico’s French Poems.”

Amy Gilreath, MUS, performed with the Stiletto Brass Quintet on the opening night concert for the 2015 International Trumpet Guild Conference. She also performed with the Monarch Brass Ensemble and directed at the 8th annual Orvieto Musica Trumpet Fest in Orvieto Italy.