With over 25 years of clinical experience as an audiologist and more than half of a career spent as an occupational audiologist for the U.S. Navy, it is no surprise that Assistant Professor Antony Joseph is an incredible leader in the field of audiology here at ISU.

Joseph teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in audiology within the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. One of his primary areas of focus is hearing loss prevention and hearing protection. Joseph is extremely passionate about seeing improved access to hearing healthcare for senior citizens. He started a program last year, called Senior Screening Service (S-3). This program allows graduate and undergraduate students to learn screening procedures, get involved hands on experience in the field, and assist seniors within McLean County with hearing screenings. However, his primary work is in the area of hearing conservation.

One of the available ear plugs for patients at the ISU Speech and Hearing clinic.

One of the available ear plugs for patients at the ISU Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Joseph is the hearing conservation program manager for employees exposed to hazardous noise at ISU. Workers from a variety of departments on campus can come to the clinic to get baseline and yearly hearing screenings, to be trained on proper hearing protection use, and to be fitted with correct hearing protection. Joseph hopes to improve hearing conservation here at ISU by revising the format of the collection of hearing health history through expanding the depth of the health questionnaire.

Maintaining the quality of life and communication abilities for these individuals is vital. So Joseph regularly meets with professionals at Environmental Health Services and the School of Health Sciences to show them what is being observed at the clinic. He is finding ways to integrate new information to help improve the lives of these employees.