The slate of candidates for the spring 2016 Graduate Council ballot has been finalized. The vote will take place electronically via Select Survey.

Voting will open Wednesday, March 16, and will close at noon on Wednesday, March 30. An email with the link to the ballot will be sent to all full members of the graduate faculty on March 16. Results will be announced in the Report.

Additional nominations to the ballot may be made. Nominees must be full members of the graduate faculty who have given consent. In order for the nominee to appear on the ballot, forward a current vita for the nominee along with 10 signatures of full graduate faculty to Amy Hurd, director of Graduate Studies, no later than 4:30 p.m. March 1. One year must lapse between the expiration of an elected Graduate Council member’s term and the nomination.

The nominees are:
Admissions Committee – two open seats (vote for 2)
Jason Ingram, Criminal Justice Sciences
Michaelene Cox, Politics and Government
Steve Mertens, Teaching and Learning

Membership Committee – running unopposed
Sarah Smelser, Art

Curriculum Committee (College of Applied Science and Technology seat) – running unopposed
Tracy Mainieri, Kinesiology and Recreation

Curriculum Committee (College of Fine Arts seat) – running unopposed
Robert Quinlan, Theatre

Research Committee- two open seats (vote for 2)
Ellis Hurd, Teaching and Learning
Thomas Crumpler, Teaching and Learning
Diane Dean, Educational Administration
Noelle Selkow, Kinesiology and Recreation
Christopher Mulligan, Chemistry

Visit Graduate Council Election Information to review a short vita for each candidate.