Deb Kasperski and Pam Reilly recently published an article titled “Teacher Leadership and the Evolution of Education: Teachers Leading Change for Student Success in the current issue of the Associated Colleges of Illinois’ Journal of Success in High-Needs Schools.

“In Teacher Leadership: The Evolution of Education and Educators,” Pam Reilly and Deb Kasperski describe a new leadership paradigm in which shared leadership is valued and integral to the success of education. Embraced by the National Board and the Illinois Education Association, the role of teacher leaders is explored through national and state surveys, state policies and program implementation. The article calls for a change in the culture around school leadership that recognizes and values the significant contribution teacher leaders make “to the improvement of teaching and learning!” (Page 3)

Kasperski is the director of the National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Illinois State University. Pam Reilly is the vice president of Illinois State Teachers of the Year.