As you may have heard, one of the major goals of the LEAPForward initiative was to retire an aging mainframe system that managed the student life cycle of admission, registration, degree audit, grades, student accounts, financial aid, and more.

Several new systems have been implemented to replace that functionality and allow for the decommissioning of the mainframe. While many of the new systems, like Campus Solutions, have been running for nearly a year or more, the mainframe has continued to run specific processes. April 15 marks the date when all remaining user access to the mainframe will be removed.

As this date approaches, teams are working to complete any remaining functionality that exists on the mainframe. Progress continues to ensure all processes that were completed on the mainframe are accounted for. Remaining items related to the decommission include preparing final data tapes for disaster recovery accessibility as well as ensuring that all needed data has been copied for future reference if needed.