T.Y. Wang, POL, presented a co-authored paper “Presidential Approval, Coattail, and Electoral Successes: An Analysis of Taiwan’s 2016 Legislative Election,” at the Taiwan Democracy Symposium: Taiwan Elections in 2016 and Beyond at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Julie Webber-Collins, POL, gave the keynote address “First as Tragedy, Then as Comedy: Politics in a Social Media Age” at the Critical Media Literacy Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Touré Reed, HIS, delivered the keynote address “How The Moynihan Report Reveals the Limitations of Structural Racism,” for the workshop Critical Theory and Social Change: Confronting Racism in the Contemporary U.S. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

John Reda, HIS, gave a talk at the McLean County History Museum to the McLean County Genealogical Society about how professional historians conduct research, using his involvement with “Who Do You Think You Are?” as a case study.

Christopher Breu, ENG, presented “Oppositional Dwellings: Materiality, Transnationalism, and Biopolitics in Karen Tei Yamashita’s I Hotel” at the American Studies Association Annual Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nicholas Hartlep, EAF, co-authored “A National Analysis of Endowed Chairs and Distinguished Professors in the Field of Education” for Educational Studies: A Journal of the American Educational Studies Association.

Tamra Davis, Kathy Mountjoy, and Elisa Palmer, COB, received the Association for Research in Business Education, Best Paper Award for Business Education Research at the 2016 National Business Education Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas. This award is given for empirical research and the full paper titled “Creating an Instructional Framework to Prepare Teacher Education Candidates for Success on a Performance-Based Assessment” will be published in the next issue of the Journal for Business Education Research.