Attn: Communities applying for PFA funding

As many communities are currently in the process of applying for Preschool for All funding, we are sharing some potential resources to consider when implementing a quality early learning program aligned to grade 3. Over the past four years the Center for the Study of Education Policy (CSEP) has worked with Midwest Expansion of the Child Parent Center i3 validation study. The Child Parent Centers (CPCs) are an evidence-based program that spans from preschool to third grade that has proven results for higher rates of school readiness, higher standardized achievement scores through elementary and middle school, and graduation outcomes.

Improved kindergarten readiness, attendance and parental involvement

Many components from the CPC model align well with the goals of the Preschool for All proposal, which is now putting an emphasis on how Preschool lays the foundation to a Birth Through Grade 3 continuum. The following provides a high level overview of areas that the CPC model could enhance the implementation of PFA programming.

Links to more information about implementation guidelines and the CPC framework are attached to the headings. If you are looking for technical assistance or additional resources in integrating the CPC model within your PFA application or implementation, please contact Ashley Long with CSEP at

Preschool for All Key Points CPC Key Elements
Recruitment, Enrollment and Records n/a*
Children with Disabilities n/a*
English Learners n/a*
The Early Learning Environment Strategies for effective learning experiences which include class size, length and balance
Scheduling Provides continuity and stability from pre-k to 3rd grade
Early Learning Curriculum & Assessment Aligned curriculum and practices from pre-k through 3rd grade
Social Emotional Learning A parent liaison ensures the social and emotional needs of children and families are being met
Parent and Family Involvement Specific parent involvement and engagement plans
Community Collaboration Focus on understanding and utilization of external community resources
Educator Licensure Requirements Strategies for balanced classrooms and adequate supports
Professional Development & Program Improvement Established professional development system with modules, online, and facilitation options
Budget, Financial & Reporting n/a*
Program Accountability Established, trackable outcomes for both students and programs

*while the model fulfills these requirements it is not established as a key element

A pdf of this information is available online.