Illinois State Professor Lane Crothers presented the Department of Politics and Government’s first brownbag of fall 2016. Crothers talked to colleagues and students about his Fulbright experience as the Bicentennial Chair in North American Studies at the University of Helsinki.

“It was an amazing experience for all.”–Lane Crothers

While in Sweden, Crothers taught two courses each semester and conducted research on the globalization of American popular culture across the Nordic region. He also presented 13 talks at various venues and conferences, both within Finland and in the U.K. and Germany as well.

Crothers also had the opportunity to travel with his family extensively, including trips north of the Arctic Circle, and to Tallinn, Estonia; Stockholm; St. Petersburg; Copenhagen; Munich; Heidelberg, Germany; and Salzburg, Austria.

“It was an amazing experience for all,” Lane Crothers said.