Veronica Delaney

Veronica Delaney, of Aurora, is a school health education major with an endorsement in family consumer science, who wants to pursue a career as a teacher.

When she discovered Illinois State had the best teaching program, she knew that was where she wanted to go to college. She chose to pursue school health education because she is very passionate about health from personal experience, and she believes it is very important for students to learn about the components of being a healthy individual at a young age. She enjoys the process of teaching others about a topic she is well-versed in, and she is very excited to start her future as a health teacher.

If you ask Delaney to describe herself, you would see a lot of determination and goal-centered focus. She is the type of person who works really hard to achieve her goals, as she is always setting goals to challenge herself. She regards herself as a perfectionist because she always strives to succeed in all aspects of her life, even outside of school. She is, however, laid-back and “go-with-the-flow” in most situations because she believes it is important not to stress over the little things. She is dedicated to her studies, and when she is not busy spends time with her family. Outside of her work and scholastic settings, she is very active individual and loves working out and enjoying the outdoors.

Many experiences shape students at Illinois State, but for Delaney a few of those stand out, like realizing that she needed to change her major to school health education, becoming an initiated member of Eta Sigma Gamma, attending her first professional conference, and going to basketball and football games with her family.

Delaney’s parents have played an active role in who she is and who she strives to be. She has always looked up to her parents because they are very hard workers who have taught her that she has to work for what she wants. They also have been her support system all her life, especially her mom. Her parents have always been there for her when she had to make difficult decisions, was experiencing a lot of stress, and could not afford to pay for school. Delaney said that it is her parents who have made her who she is today, and she would not be as strong or life-prepared as she is without their love and wise words.

“I’m very honored and proud to be given the opportunity to be recognized for my good impression in the Department of Health Sciences as a featured student,” Delaney said.

“I’m very honored and proud to be given the opportunity to be recognized for my good impression in the Department of Health Sciences as a featured student.”—Veronica Delaney

Twenty years from now, she hopes to still be teaching high school health. She would also like to obtain more degrees to further her professional career and health education knowledge along the way and, over time, pursue a higher professional title within the department, as either an assistant health director or the head director.

Delaney was nominated by Professor Adrian Lyde of the health education program.  Lyde said, “I would like to see her featured because the quality of her work is outstanding and I really believe she has a mature understanding of our discipline as well as a very strong passion for school health education.”