Amy Wood, HIS, delivered the U.S. Embassy Keynote Address at the American Studies Association of Norway (ASANOR) annual conference in Oslo, Norway. The title of her lecture is “Fear and Sympathy in Progressive-Era Criminal Justice: The Strange Case of Jesse Pomeroy.”

Hyun Sook Kang, ENG, co-presented “Uncovering Korean EFL Learners’ Awareness of and Attitude Towards World Englishes” at the international conference of the Association for Language Awareness in Vienna, Austria.

Kim McCord, MUS, published “Why Recorder?” in The Orff Echo. She also presented a guest lecture for a graduate music education course at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.

Ben Stiers, MUS, has been named lead editor of the Percussive Arts Society’s Educators’ Companion, a biannual digital publication of articles on percussion-related topics for music educators.

Jeff Barrett, MAT, and Cynthia Moore, BIO, co-authored “Prompting Teacher Geometric Reasoning through Coaching in a Dynamic Geometry Software Context” in School Science and Mathematics.

Willard Bohn, LAN emeritus, published a book titled Reading Apollinaire’s “Alcools” through the University of Delaware Press. He also published the chapter “Picasso, Stein, Apollinaire” in the Cambridge History of Modernism.

Robert McLaughlin, ENG, published “The Literature of Retirement: John Barth’s Millennial Postmodernism” in John Barth: A Body of Words through the Dalkey Archive Press.

Janice Neuleib, ENG, published “Pine Tree,” “Pine Tree 2: Homecoming,” “Inklings,” and “Zurbaran’s Crucifixion,” in Intégrité: A Faith and Learning Journal.

Sally Parry, ENG, published “Main Street” in the Dictionary of Midwestern Literature: Volume Two: Dimensions of the Midwestern Literary Imagination.