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Research and Honors, October 18, 2016

Presentations and Performances
Christopher Breu, ENG, presented “The Power of Things: Biopolitics and Material Culture” for the Transnational American Studies Institute at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, Mainz, Germany. He also presented “Materializing Time and Occupying Space: The Reconfiguration of Biopolitical America in Karen Yamashita’s I Hotel” as part of the Biopolitics of America: Bodies, Environments, and the Liberal Imagination” at Julius Maximilians Universität in Würzburg, Germany.

David Collier, MUS, performed as timpanist with the Heartland Festival Orchestra on September 10 and with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra on September 17.

Angelo Favis, MUS, performed a concert at Louisiana Tech University.

Amy Gilreath, MUS, recently performed as principal trumpet with Sinfonia da Camera in Urbana.

Tom Marko’s, MUS, new album, “Inner Light,” will officially be released in October on Summit Records. The album consists of original compositions by Marko and features guest artists including Kevin Hart, MUS, on keyboards and vibraphone.

Brandon McDaniel, FCS, co-authored a publication on infidelity-related behavior on social media sites in married couples.

Susan Hildebrandt, LAN, published Understanding the World Language edTPA: ResearchBased Policy and Practice.

Hyun-Sook Kang, ENG, published “Subject-object asymmetry in the second language acquisition of English relatives and embedded wh-questions” in the Journal of Psycholinguistic Research. Kang also co-authored “Mainstream teacher candidates’ perspectives on English-as-a-second-language (ESL) writing: The effects of writer identity and rater background” for the TESOL Quarterly and “Motor learning theory-based approach for teaching English as a second language” in Speech, Language, and Hearing.

Gina Hunter, ANT, was the focus of a feature in Educação em Perspectiva.

Cynthia Huff, ENG, published “A Tribute to James Olney” in Biography. She also published “’Forward!’: National Identity, Animalographies, and the Ethics of Representation in the Posthuman Imaginary,” for Auto/Biography across the Americas: Transnational Themes in Life Writing from Routledge.

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