Professor Osaore Aideyan, of the Department of Politics and Government, presented “Continuity and Change: What Would a U.S.-Africa Relations Look Like in the Next Administration?” on October 19. Speaking as part of the Fall 2016 International Studies Seminar Series, Aideyan employed four archetypes that synthesize various policy inclinations to predict what U.S.-Africa relations would look like in either a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump presidency.

A Trump or a Clinton presidency suggests one thing: uncertainty.—Osaore Aideyan

While is it difficult to predict Trump’s foreign policy, it can be expected with some certainty that he will be driven by his core impulses, Aideyan said. Although considered an African enthusiast, Clinton’s focus on American domestic interests in order to gain or regain campaign momentum is worrying to some attentive Africans, especially the business elites and young entrepreneurs, he said. Aideyan concluded that these combined dynamics of a Trump or a Clinton presidency suggests one thing: uncertainty.

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