President Larry Dietz has appointed a 24-member Task Force to review and update the University’s strategic plan, Educating Illinois 2013-2018 Individualized Attention, Shared Aspirations. Brian Beam, Sam Catanzaro, Danielle Miller-Schuster, and Deb Smitley will serve as co-chairs of the Task Force.  Educating Illinois 2013-2018 was endorsed by the Illinois State University Board of Trustees and each of the shared governance constituencies in spring 2012.

The Task Force members appointed by President Dietz are:
Brian Beam, Executive Director, University Marketing & Communications

Rachel Calhoun, Director of Research, Advancement and Foundation Operations

Sam Catanzaro, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration, Policy, and Faculty Affairs

Febin Chirayath, Student Government

Jeff Clark, Department Chair/School Directors Council

Laura Fox, Business Administrative Associate, University Police Department

Paul Garris, Distinguished Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Ron Gifford, Chair, Administrative Professional Council

Jamillah Gilbert, Instructional Assistant Professor, Special Education

Rachel Hatch, Assistant Director, Media Relations

Susan Kalter, Chair, Academic Senate

Yongmei Liu, Associate Professor, Management and Qualitative Methods

Dwight Merilatt, Executive Associate Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Blanca Miller, Assistant Professor, Mennonite College of Nursing

Danielle Miller-Schuster, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

Hannah Picciola, Student Government

Ajay Samant, Dean of the College of Business, Dean’s Council

Jennifer Sharkey, Associate Professor, Milner Library

Sarah Smelser, Professor, School of Art

Amanda Smith, Chair, Civil Service Council

Deb Smitley, Senior Associate Vice President for Planning, Finance and Facilities

Aslihan Spaulding, Professor, Department of Agriculture

Lenford Sutton, Department Chair, Educational Administration and Foundations

Ani Yazdejian, Department Chair/School Directors Council

Information on how the campus community will be able to engage in the review process will be posted in the coming weeks at the Educating Illinois website.