Illinois State University is enhancing its plans for dealing with natural hazards, such as severe weather and flooding, thanks to a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Emergency planning officials from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (SIUC), who have assisted communities throughout the state with such plans, have partnered with Illinois State on the project.

A public presentation by SIUC officials from 2-3:30 p.m. Thursday, February 9, in the Bone Student Center Old Main Room, will highlight the natural hazards facing the University and engage audience members in a discussion about strategies for managing those threats. Members of the University community are encouraged to attend to learn more about emergency planning and provide feedback.

The plan identifies natural hazards facing the University and ways to limit vulnerability to such hazards. Strategies within the plan will address the location and maintenance of storm shelters and ways to mitigate threats from flooding. The plan is expected to be in draft form by December and finalized in the spring of 2018.