The book by Alan Lessoff, HIS, Where Texas Meets the Sea: Corpus Christi and Its History (University of Texas Press, 2015), has won a book award from the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation, whose goal is to “preserve Texas history and to educate the public with knowledge of our inherited values.”

Gregory Ferrence and Timothy Lash, CHE, published “Regioselective Oxidation and Metalation of Meso-unsubstituted Azuliporphyrins” in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

Thomas Critchfield, PSY, published “Requiem for the Dead Man?” in Behavior Analyst.

Fred Smith, ANT, co-wrote “Dental microwear texture analysis of Croatian Neandertal molars” for PaleoAnthropology.

Thomas McClure, POL, published “Do Judicial Elections Impact the Perception of Impartiality? A Comparison of Bar Poll Ratings of Elected and Appointed Illinois Downstate and Collar County Trial Judges” in Justice System Journal.

Myoung Jin Kim, MCN, presented “Data Analytical Procedure in Criminal Justice” at the CNU Workshop, at Chung-Nam University, Daejun, South Korea.

David Snyder, MUS, taught a brass sectional for the Central Illinois Youth Symphony.

Cochece Davis and K. Megan Hopper, COM, presented “Social Comparison Theory and Female Body Perceptions: America’s Next Top Model and College-Age Viewers” at the annual conference of the National Communication Association, in Philadelphia.