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Faculty, staff and students of the Department of Politics and Government gathered in front of the department office to surprise Professor Ali Riaz and celebrate his 10-year service as the department chair and thank him for his distinguished service to the department. Dean of the College and Arts and Sciences Gregory Simpson also attended the luncheon. Simpson praised Riaz as one of the best department chairs. Associate Chair of the Department T.Y. Wang characterized Riaz’s leadership style as fair, open, creative, dedicated, and visionary. Wang presented a plaque with the following inscription: “Honoring 10 years of distinguished service to the department, faculty and students. Presented by your colleagues with gratitude for your humane concern, professional integrity, and expert guidance.”

Riaz will step down from the chair position effectively June 30, 2017, and will be succeeded by Wang. The celebration was followed by a luncheon in the Department Conference Room. The event was entirely supported by the financial contributions of faculty and staff.

2 thoughts on “Celebration of Ali Riaz’s 10-year service as department chair

  1. Saleh Mohammed Shahriar says:

    Congratulations, Professor Ali Riaz ! As a citizen of Bangladesh, I am proud of your academic works, creative services, and professionalism. I am an attentive reader as well as listener of your many reserach books, journal articles, newspaper columns and TV interviews. Your contributions are great indeed. I do appreciate your tireless efforts to fill the void in certain research areas.I wish you all the best.
    May you live long!

  2. Saleh Mohammed Shahriar says:


  3. Ahhoque says:

    We are proud of you sir

  4. muhammed ayub says:

    It is a great honour for Bangladesh. Please continue your efforts in political thoughts. I wish your consecutive success.