John Reda
, HIS, author of From Furs To Farms, was given an Award of Superior Achievement by the Illinois State Historical Society at their annual awards luncheon in Springfield.


Elizabeth Timmerman Lugg, COE, co-authored Ethics and the Law for School Psychologists, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). Lugg also co-authored the chapter “Students in Higher Education” in The Yearbook of Education Law 2016.

Christopher Breu, ENG, authored “Technologies of Modernism:  Historicism in Foucault and Dos Passos” for the book Understanding Foucault, Understanding Modernism (Bloomsbury).

Amelia Noel-Elkins, University College, authored “Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education Administration” for the book Careers in Student Affairs: A Holistic Guide to Professional Development in Higher Education (Holzweiss, Parrott).

Dan Lannin, PSY, co-authored “Stigma of Seeking Psychological Services: Examining College Students Across Ten Countries/Regions” in The Counseling Psychologist.

Michael Dougherty, SOC, published the article “El Salvador Makes History” in NACLA.

Greg Simpson and Jim Skibo, CAS, penned a guest commentary on freedom for The Pantagraph.

Grace Kang, COE, authored “Advocacy for Autonomy: Complicating the use of scripted curriculum in unscripted spaces” for the Language Arts Journal. Kang also wrote “The value of coaching: Collaborative relationships spur professional growth” for the Journal of Staff Development.


Caroline Mallory, MCN, and Sue Franzen, Milner, presented “Practices that Support Faculty Research” at the Midwest Nursing Research Society Annual Conference in Minneapolis.

Bob McLaughlin, ENG, presented “Twenty-Four Hours Can Go So Fast: The Carpe Diem Romance in World War II Drama” at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

David Snyder, MUS, served as the conductor of the Rockford All-City Band, which is comprised of high school musicians from across that city.

Kim McCord, MUS, presented a teacher professional development workshop, “Including all Children in General Music,” for the Aurora East School District 13.